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KVHS began operation in 1964 as a small, closed circuit station serving only the campus of Clayton Valley High School in Concord, CA. It's first three years of operation were overseen by Clayton Valley High School Vice Principal, Bob Daugherty. The "radio club" had faculty advisory assistance from Jim Copeland and Ernie Spencer, with technical advisory assistance by Ernie Wilson, (who was Chief Engineer at KDFM, Walnut Creek, as well as an electronics instructor at Diablo Valley College, San Joaquin Delta College and CVHS, and helped to establish low power AM radio stations on those campuses), became the first KVHS Faculty Advisor in 1967. He transitioned KVHS from AM to FM*, with a student staff, built the station and ran operations until 1978, when Tom Wilson took over as Faculty Advisor. Tom brought his commercial radio experience to the Radio Communications class, instituting "The Rock" format at KVHS and creating the class curriculum. In 1998, Melissa (McConnell) Wilson completed the transition to the "90.5 The Edge" Modern/Active Rock format, added her Bay Area Radio experience to the program, authored the Instructor Manual and updated class curriculum for the textbook, (continued the tradition of "every KVHS Faculty Advisor has been named Wilson"), and is the current General Manager of the station.

*In 1969, KVHS was granted its FCC non-commercial educational station license with ten watts of power and has been growing ever since. The station's current transmitter on TV Hill in Concord, CA, operates with an Effective Radiated Power (ERP) of 410 watts at an elevation of 500 feet, overlooking more than 1,000 square miles and four (Arbitron rated) San Francisco Bay Area Metro counties. KVHS has become one of the most successful student-run stations in the world.


The KVHS-FM website, debuted online in 1994, and added live streaming audio in 1999. Web Analytics show loyal listenership not only in all the United Staes, but also in countries all over the world. In 2008, KVHS-FM was invited to participate in the rollout of the Arbitron/NielsenŠ electronic audience PPM Radio Ratings system (Portable People Meter). Listeners also may message and "Like" us on Facebook at


90.5 The Edge, KVHS-FM, broadcasts its Modern Rock/Active Rock format on the air and streams audio online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! Over the years, this included student programmed music specialty shows such as "The Metal Element," "The Punk and Ska Show," "Klub KVHS", "The Local Band Show", "The Techno/Industrial Show" and "The Flashback Show." Along with this variety of music, KVHS runs underwritten educational announcements, contributor "thank you" announcements, as well as public service and public affairs programming directed at young adults, but also appealing to middle-school aged students through "Baby Boomer" listeners.

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At 90.5 The Edge, KVHS-FM, we focus on local events, news and information in our ongoing effort to serve the community. The KVHS studios have VOIP request lines and a broadband connection to the Internet so that the on-air personalities have access the latest social media, entertainment news, weather and information to connect with our audience.

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