PSA the public interest disseminated by the media without charge to raise public awareness and change behavior.

what you should know

Public Service Announcements (PSAs) are short, "non-commercial" announcements that benefit the audience, rather than a business or organization.

Short, 10 to 30 second radio spots are available for community associations, advocate groups, and organizations that are promoting non-profit events.

  • public service announcements must be submitted by non-profit organizations

  • PSAs are roughly 20 seconds of written copy (approx 40-50 words)

  • information sent three to seven days before the event has less of a chance of making it on-air

  • normally KVHS will not announce monthly meetings, events for profit-making businesses, or events that may only affect a very small portion of the community

  • PSAs are broadcast at the discretion of KVHS management

KVHS provides this service to meet federal communications commission public service requirements

what you should include

  • name of the event and the name of the non-profit organization sponsoring or setting up the event

  • location and address of the event

  • date and time of the event and, if needed, an itinerary for the activities
  • day/days the event will take place

  • a description of the event

  • contact phone number or website for more information

  • phonetic pronunciation of names if needed

  • a courtesy call or e-mail if the event is changed, canceled, sold out, extended or incorrect

submit your PSA request by email with the words "PSA request" in the subject line