These little critters are the DJs of 90.5 The Edge…
Shows: Monday - Thursday 10am-3pm
Wheather carving up the twisties on his motorcycle or carving up your ears on the radio, Lint loves his job at 90.5 The Edge and it shows A bedroom rockstar, basement record spinner and backyard pianist (hehe). He's a man with 1000 talents with no talent. Listen to the show to see what we mean.
Shows: Fridays 11am-1pm
Featuring lame jokes and Chuck Norris facts, Depthcharge always has the obscurest of all know-how.
Enjoys: free hugs, backrubs, and dancing in the moonlight.
Does Not Enjoy: Traffic, escalators, and Kevin Costner movies.
Prone to say things like: "I feel like a newborn Giraffe..."
Dawna Dead
Shows: Fridays 1-3pm
The legend of Dawna Dead is a creepy, tumultuous tale sprinkled with morbid, yet happy thoughts and lots and lots of blood and glitter. Just don't make her angry, she's been known to resort to face-eating when lost for words - or she might just be hungry...
Shows: Tuesdays and Thursdays 5-8pm
See you in the mosh pit!
Shows: Wednesdays 5-7pm
Look! I'm naked! (...because it's an x-ray...)
Shows: Fridays 6-8pm
The James is a hardcore supporter of local music and after a short but successful run as a local concert promoter he has turned his sights towards a career in broadcasting.
Likes: Mosh pits, dive bars, tattoos, pizza and fun facts.
Dislikes: Bad drivers, music elitists, and rye bread.
***** ALL DJs can be reached in the studio at (925)-687-KVHS *****